Acupuncture points for erectile dysfunction

Acupuncture for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Acupuncture

Acupuncture for Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence and erectile disorders can have many causes, from imbalances in hormones, physical damage, poor circulation, and psychological or emotional problems. To an acupuncture practitioner the underlying cause is often diagnosed as a deficiency called Kidney Yang Deficiency. This does not indicate kidney disease. Kidney yang deficiency can be caused by excessive sexual activity, excessive masturbation, or stress. Stress related ED can include low sex drive, low testosterone, or performance anxiety. Premature ejaculation is also a symptom of this condition. Chinese Herbal medicine can aid acupuncture in treating erectile dysfunction.
Acupuncture Research for Erectile Dysfunction

Paul F. Engelhardt, MD, of Vienna, Austria, is in the midst of an ongoing study to see if men suffering from impotence can be helped by acupuncture.

All 13 men in the study, average age 42, received acupuncture. But they were split into two groups receiving different treatments.

One group received the actual acupuncture for impotence. The other group received acupuncture but in areas that weren't related to relieving impotence. This was done to see if there was a "placebo effect, " in which the patients have relief from just thinking they're receiving treatment.

The first group, which contained seven men, received two acupuncture sessions a week for 10 weeks using "acupuncture with several points for erectile dysfunction that are traditional Chinese acupuncture points.

Six men in the second group underwent four weeks of acupuncture. "This placebo group was treated with acupuncture points, that did not correlate with the diagnose of [erectile dysfunction]."

Acupuncture Erectile Dysfunction PointAt one point, the groups were switched. "Our results are that none of the patients of the placebo group reported good results of the placebo treatment, so all of them were crossed over into the real acupuncture group.
After the study eight participants claimed they were "cured."; they didn't demand any additional therapy, "

About one-third of the patients reported some improvements, that their erections were a little bit better than at the start of the acupuncture treatment, but it was not sufficient enough, so they wanted some additional therapy.
More detail on this study can be found at:

Herbal HERBAL Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction

Acupuncture for Erectile Dysfunction - Common Acupuncture Points

Acupuncture Point KI3 • Tai Xi • Kidney 3 Great Ravine. Shu Stream Point on the Kidney Channel. Yuan Source on the Kidney Channel. Earth Point on Water Meridian.
Location: On the medial ankle, at the midpoint between the prominence of the medial malleolus and Achilles’ Tendon.

Nourishes Kidney Yin
Tonifies Kidney Yang
Regulates Qi
Benefits The Lumbar Spine

Acupuncture Point GV4 • Ming Men • Governing Vessel 4 Life Gate. Reunion point on Curious Meridian Dai Mo.
Location: On the lower back, below the spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra (L2).

Clears Heat

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