Can Caffeine cause erectile dysfunction?

Can Caffeine Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

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Most men, at some point, experience problems achieving or maintaining an erection. In most cases, the problem is temporary and improves with a change of circumstances. In some cases, however, erectile problems are a sign of erectile dysfunction-a condition where a man has persistent and recurring difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection. Erectile dysfunction often occurs in older men, but is not considered a normal function of aging. In most cases, there is a definite physical cause and many doctors consider erectile dysfunction to be an early sign of heart disease, high blood pressure and complications from diabetes. The penis needs sufficient blood flow to become erect, and these diseases often damage the blood vessels or constrict blood flow to the organ.

Caffeine constricts the blood vessels and can cause a temporary, but sharp and sudden, rise in blood pressure. In healthy people, blood pressure should return to normal as the coffee wears off. Regular coffee drinkers also develop a tolerance and may not experience the same rise in blood pressure. Caffeine also stimulates the central nervous system, causing a sudden burst of energy and alertness. According to the National Institutes of Health, the amount of caffeine in up to four cups of coffee is not harmful. Excessive amounts of caffeine can cause abnormal heart rhythms and gastrointestinal upset, as well as sleep disruptions, headaches and anxiety. Doctors recommend limiting caffeine intake to 200 milligrams a day, which, according to the Mayo Clinic, is equivalent to two 12-ounce cups of coffee.

Can Caffeine Cause Erectile Dysfunction?
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You aren't the problem

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I completely understand why he would immedietely deflect the blame from himself.
It may be anxiety related, or a health problem. A lot of different factors can cause erectile dysfunction. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Almost all men have trouble with it at some time in their life. There are real easy solutions, too.


by funguy4134

No problems. If I do..its very frustrating and I become almost angry at myself for have such a problem haha. It's not uncommon for a male to have issues once in a while. All the time is erectile dysfunction. Which is when one should go see a doctor. Sometimes it can be just because you're really not into sex at the moment..or you're tired. Other times its just something that just doesn't wanna happen. Anxiety can cause this as well. If the male puts pressure on himself to perform can cause things not to happen. Size has nothing to do with getting an erection. It does NOT mean that you are...

Oh you went to the urologist. That explains it.

by Miss_Conduct

He obviously isn't up on all the latest research on the sexual benefits of drinking and smoking that you and your wife have uncovered. You should really make copies for him. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.
Wait, let's see what those ignorant idiots at the Mayo Clinic have to say:
As you get older, erections may take longer to develop and may not be as firm. You may need more direct touch to your penis to get and keep an erection. This isn't a direct consequence of getting older. Usually it's a result of underlying health problems or taking medications, which is more common as men age

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