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Erectile dysfunction horny goat weed as viagra

by Sex_Enhancement

Viagra (sildenafil) is one of several prescription medications available and widely
prescribed for erectile dysfunction, a condition that affects an estimated 18 million men
in the United States. Viagra and other drugs like it can cause side effects such as
headache, stomach problems and visual disturbances.
Horny goat weed, hailing primarily from southern China, has a long history as an aphrodisiac.
As part of a new screening program to find natural alternatives to Viagra, the study authors analyzed a number of
herbal extracts long used for male impotence, including Ferula hermonis or Lebanese Viagra; Cinnamomum
cassia or Chinese cinnamon; as well as Epimedium brevicornum aka horny goat weed

Siting source emedicing an article by

by brat_toy

Author: Colin M Dougherty, MD, Staff Physician, Department of Emergency Medicine, Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Medical Center
Priapism is the presence of a persistent, usually painful, erection of the penis unrelated to sexual stimulation or desire. It is a true urologic emergency that may lead to permanent erectile dysfunction and penile necrosis if left untreated. Priapism is frequently idiopathic in etiology but is associated with a number of important medical conditions and pharmacologic agents.
Priapism is the result of persistent engorgement of the corpora...

Please educate yourself:

by serrephim

Erectile dysfunction or impotence happens to most men at one time or another, but studies indicate that erectile dysfunction is more common in older men, so it is often associated with the aging process in men.
Occasional impotence is often not seen as a problem, but when impotence continues for awhile, it can bring on great emotional distress for both the man and his partner.
Erectile dysfunction can be caused by emotional problems:
-Lack of interest in sex, or in the sex

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