Causes of erectile dysfunction include

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Is a common male problem affecting 50% of Irish men over the age of 40; suffering from it means you have difficulty in either getting an erection or maintaining one long enough to have satisfying, penetrative sex. Erectile dysfunction can happen to men of all ages and the causes can vary greatly from case to case. While it can be a distressing condition, to help which can be very effective.

Are there physical causes of erectile dysfunction?
Often Erectile Dysfunction is caused by an underlying physical condition many of which tend to develop as men get older, this is why ED is more common in men over 40. These conditions include; obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Other physical factors which can cause ED include:

Smokers are also more prone to erectile dysfunction as smoking may narrow the arteries that lead to the penis. This restricts the blood flow to the penis, making an erection less likely to occur.

Prescription Medication
Certain medications such as beta blockers, diuretics, anti-depressants, and even pain killers may also occasionally be linked to erectile dysfunction. However, if you think this might be the case it is essential that you consult your GP before going off any prescription medicines.

Surgical Procedures
Surgeries which cause injury to blood vessels or nerves connected to the penis can cause erectile dysfunction. In face there are many forms of surgery that have been known to cause ED including; Radiation Therapies (especially those for rectal, colon, prostate and bladder cancer), Prostectomies, Aorto-iliac and Aorto-femoral Bypasses, Cystectomies, Brachytherapy and even prostate Cryosurgery.

Other Illnesses
You’ll also find that there are illnesses that may cause erectile dysfunction including; cirrhosis of the liver, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), hemochromatosis (an excess of iron in the bloodstream), scleroderma, and renal failure.

Injuries to the Penis
If blood vessels and/or nerve tissues are damaged this can cause Erectile Dysfunction. A commonexample of this is Peyronie’s Disease. This is where scar tissue forms inside the penis and may result in a “bend” in the erection. Men who have not been circumcised that are unable to pull their foreskin back completely during sex are also known to be at risk of ED. This is usually due to pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse.

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Cyclists hate their penises

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Cycling and Erectile Dysfunction
So how can bicycling lead erectile dysfunction? Prolonged pressure on the tissues of the perineum (the area of the groin between the penis and anus) can damage blood vessels and nerves responsible for an erection, and spending excessive amounts of time in the same position on the saddle may cause temporary erectile dysfunction. This damage may become permanent if the tissues are continually damaged and not allowed to recover.
Many factors increase the risk of developing erectile dysfunction in cyclists. Some of these include the weight of the cyclist (heavier riders put more pressure on the perineum), the saddle design (some saddles increase pressure on the perineum), and even the cycling intensity

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