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Stan's Health Blog: 7 Herbs That Cure Erectile Dysfunction

From the results of different studies, it is evident that these are not the only ways it helps men with impotence, however, researchers are not able to find exactly what else contributes to this.

image of Catuaba

Catuaba Bark Extract

This herb is believed to be able to increase the capacity of your penis to hold blood. This will not only promote erections, but they will be much firmer than normally and the actual size of the penis will increase notably. Another way this herb works is by increasing the levels of a specific sexual hormone responsible not only for arousal, but also for orgasm length. This means that Catauba bark extrac can treat erectile dysfunction, increase your penis size and help you reach a longer and better orgasm.

image of Damiana


Thanks to some of the flavanoids (essential oils) found in Damiana, it is able to increase to blood flow to the penis, which as we mentioned a few time, is what makes a firm erection.

These 7 herbs are all you need to cure your erectile dysfunction and even add to your penis size, orgasms and general health. Forget about the harmful synthetic drugs like viagra and their deadly side effects. The answer is once again in nature!

Hubei Science and Technology Press The Jingchu doctors feature specialist Technology Series: Diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction(Chinese Edition)
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If your penis won't get stiff...

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BEIJING (AFP) - More than 50 percent of Chinese men over 40 suffer from varying degrees of impotence and most delay seeking treatment because they are too embarrassed, according to a nationwide survey.
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The six-month study of 1,000 people in major Chinese cities suggested 52.5 percent of men over 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction to some extent and 90 percent of those afflicted said their sex lives were badly affected.

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