Circumcision erectile dysfunction

Does circumcision cause erectile dysfunction?

Why did my loving parents do this to me many years ago? I'm sure their doctor told them it was the hygienic thing to do. But I'm equally sure I must have been screaming like hell while it was being done. Today, millions of circumcisions are still performed. But it's time to stop this shocking brutality and the complications associated with it.

Dr. Guy Madder, a surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide, Australia, reports in the Annals of Family Medicine that there is no convincing evidence that circumcision decreases the risk of sexually transmitted disease, urinary track infections or penile cancer.

The rituals of some religious faiths require circumcision. But, apart from these circumstances, it's hard to justify this procedure. In fact, a reading of the world's medical journals makes your hair stand on end when you read of potential surgical complications.

How common are complications? This depends on how you label a complication. For example, penal foreskin is anatomically the most sensitive part of the organ. It ensures satisfactory sex. It's therefore reasonable to argue that in this instance the complication rate is 100% because it decreases sexual satisfaction.

There's another aspect to circumcision that is never mentioned in the discussion of the pros and cons of this surgery. Today, erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs are being used by an increasing number of males, and not all of them are in their senior years. I admit I have no statistics on this matter.

But I wonder how many males who require ED drugs could have experienced a longer and more satisfactory sex life, if this sensitive foreskin had not been removed. I suspect more than we realize. This is a good project for some aspiring researcher!

But why do some of the complications of this procedure make one's hair stand on end? Harvey Cushing, one of Harvard's greatest brain surgeons, once remarked that, "There is no such thing as minor surgery, but there are a lot of minor surgeons". In this case, a profound remark.

Compared to brain surgery, circumcision is a minor procedure, and is normally performed without complications. But, no surgical procedure to my knowledge has ever been devised, regardless of how minor it is, without possible untoward results.

The world's medical journals are full of reports dealing with a variety of surgical complications. And the vast majority of severe complications are not an act of God, but technical human errors made during the procedure.

A primary problem is the incorrect use of the circumcision clamp. In some cases too much foreskin is pulled into the clamp resulting in injury, not only to the shaft of the penis, but also to the urinary tube (urethra) that runs through it. The most traumatic complication in the past caused the amputation of part of the penis.

Having a boy? Question circumcision.

by wholebaby

Did you know...
...that no medical organization, even the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommends infant male circumcision?
...that atleast 117 baby boys die from circumcision each year in America? (It only takes 2.3 oz of blood loss for a newborn to die)
...that you can watch a video of a circumcision being performed on YouTube? (Go see exactly what the surgery involves)
...that circumcision is medically unnecssary, and can lead to erectile dysfunction later in life? is easier to take care of an inatct penis than a circumcised one? (Don't retract, just wipe like a finger-only clean what...

There you go

by lentilka

From wiki
Shen (China) found a statistically significant *(p = 0.001) increase in erectile dysfunction following circumcision.[14] Pang and Kim (South Korea) reported "Of those who were circumcised long after they had been sexually active, > 80% reported no noticeable difference in sexuality, but a man was twice as likely to have experienced diminished sexuality than improved sexuality."[15] In another study by Kim and Pang (2006) of 255 men circumcised after the age of 20 and 118 who were not circumcised, they reported that masturbatory pleasure decreased in 48% of the respondents and increased in 8%

Catholic Organizations Pay For MALE Sex Devices

by longslowdeep

1. Erectile dysfunction drugs
From Viagra to Cialis, $15 pill for that.
2. Vacuum erection devices
$300-$500 a pop.
3. Penile implants
$10,000-$20,000 cost of the implants is often covered by insurance, particularly if the erectile dysfunction is the result of a disease or a side effect of surgery.
5. Circumcision
cost about $100 out-of-pocket) and a few companies cover adult circumcision, which is significantly more expensive.

I don't think she meant me any harm...

by denguy25

But, it's hard to accept that her negligence is my loss. I can't understand why parents are even given this choice.
I asked who benefits from this, and realized there is a major industry surrounding the mutilation of infant boys. Here in Colorado, a recent legislative debate took place regarding state-funded circumcision (medicaid). $200,000 annually, just for the doctor bills. Colorado is the 18th State to stop publicly funding this atrocity. A democratic female legislator literally asked if teen pregnancy rates would increase if we stopped publicly funding circumcision. This, to me, proves how malicious the thoughts are behind circumcision

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