Devastated by husband erectile dysfunction

How to Handle Husband's Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction,or the inability to obtain or maintain an erection,is not difficult for just the man. Women can have a very difficult time coping with this condition as well. Feeling frustrated,angry,sad,confused,resentful and even unattractive are all common emotions a woman may experience if her husband suffers from erectile dysfunction. Although handling your husband's erectile dysfunction is difficult,there are things that can be done to make it easier.

Educate yourself. Arming yourself with knowledge can make you feel more empowered and in control of the situation. Online resources,self-help books and medical journals contain information that could be useful. Learn about the potential causes of your husband's erectile dysfunction,as well as treatments and recommendations.

Be understanding and stay positive. Although you have your own emotions about the condition,don't forget that this is extremely difficult for your husband as well. He is probably embarrassed,frustrated and anxious. Try not to take the situation personally. Making snide comments or showing your frustration or annoyance will most likely only exacerbate the problem.

Communicate. Although it's important to keep his feelings in mind,you should be open and honest about your own feelings about the situation. Avoid being judgmental or condescending when talking to him about the problem,but suppressing your own feelings about the situation may only build your own resentment or anger.

Find other ways to connect sexually. Although sexual intercourse may be out of the question,see if your husband would be willing to participate in other sexual activities where an erection is not required. This may help you remain sexually satisfied and can make him feel more confident in his ability to pleasure you without the pressure to perform.

Find non-sexual ways to connect. In today's busy world,couples can lose sight of why they fell in love in the first place. Reconnecting and strengthening your relationship as a couple will not only help your relationship,but in some cases may help with the erectile dysfunction itself,according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Encourage him to seek treatment. Take extreme caution while doing so. Your encouragement needs to come across as supportive,not condescending or judgmental. Give him time to think it over and let him move at his own pace.

Seek your own support. Talking with friends or family members can be useful,but be aware that the topic might be embarrassing for your husband. Respect his wishes if he doesn't want friends and family to know about it. Instead,consider talking to a counselor or mental health professional. It also may be beneficial for him to join a support group or for both of you to go to couples counseling.

  • Erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of a more serious medical condition. Even if your husband refuses treatment for the condition,he should get a medical checkup to rule out a more serious problem.
  • Many books,educational videos and websites are available that discuss alternatives to traditional sexual intercourse if you need help thinking of ideas for you and your partner.

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How to Handle Husband's Erectile Dysfunction

Having a boy? Question circumcision.

by wholebaby

Did you know...
...that no medical organization, even the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommends infant male circumcision?
...that atleast 117 baby boys die from circumcision each year in America? (It only takes 2.3 oz of blood loss for a newborn to die)
...that you can watch a video of a circumcision being performed on YouTube? (Go see exactly what the surgery involves)
...that circumcision is medically unnecssary, and can lead to erectile dysfunction later in life? is easier to take care of an inatct penis than a circumcised one? (Don't retract, just wipe like a finger-only clean what...

There you go

by lentilka

From wiki
Shen (China) found a statistically significant *(p = 0.001) increase in erectile dysfunction following circumcision.[14] Pang and Kim (South Korea) reported "Of those who were circumcised long after they had been sexually active, > 80% reported no noticeable difference in sexuality, but a man was twice as likely to have experienced diminished sexuality than improved sexuality."[15] In another study by Kim and Pang (2006) of 255 men circumcised after the age of 20 and 118 who were not circumcised, they reported that masturbatory pleasure decreased in 48% of the respondents and increased in 8%

Catholic Organizations Pay For MALE Sex Devices

by longslowdeep

1. Erectile dysfunction drugs
From Viagra to Cialis, $15 pill for that.
2. Vacuum erection devices
$300-$500 a pop.
3. Penile implants
$10,000-$20,000 cost of the implants is often covered by insurance, particularly if the erectile dysfunction is the result of a disease or a side effect of surgery.
5. Circumcision
cost about $100 out-of-pocket) and a few companies cover adult circumcision, which is significantly more expensive.

I don't think she meant me any harm...

by denguy25

But, it's hard to accept that her negligence is my loss. I can't understand why parents are even given this choice.
I asked who benefits from this, and realized there is a major industry surrounding the mutilation of infant boys. Here in Colorado, a recent legislative debate took place regarding state-funded circumcision (medicaid). $200,000 annually, just for the doctor bills. Colorado is the 18th State to stop publicly funding this atrocity. A democratic female legislator literally asked if teen pregnancy rates would increase if we stopped publicly funding circumcision. This, to me, proves how malicious the thoughts are behind circumcision

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