Does Medicare cover erectile dysfunction drugs

Medicare and Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Do recent FDA approvals pave the way for coverage of ED medication by Medicare?

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

In December the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported that it had approved 35 new drugs for sale in the United States in the fiscal year 2012. Cialis information

In the report, the DDA said, “Most of the drugs were approved for U.S. patients before they were available in other countries, and the efficiency of the drug review process continued to grow.”

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 10% of U.S. health care spending in 2012 went to pay for prescription drugs, making it the third largest expense after spending for hospital services and physician services.

Among the “novel” medicines approved by the FDA last year, 10 were approved for treatment of different forms of cancer. Drugs were also approved for the treatment of cystic fibrosis and HIV. A meningitis vaccine was also approved, along with the first approved cord blood product.

But, the two new drugs approved by the FDA that could draw the most interest from the general public are a new treatment for chronic weight management called Belviq, and a new treatment for erectile dysfunction, called Stendra.

Medicare, Stendra, and Viagra

The FDA report doesn’t describe how Belviq or Stendra differ from their well known predecessors, Orlistat Australia and Viagra (respectively) and there’s little information about the two drugs available online. But, there are some upsides to have new competitors available on the market.

To be clear, there does not seem to be any momentum behind Medicare covering the use of popular ED treatments like Viagra or Levitra – in part because of what we described in an earlier post on the topic. But, a treatment for ED could be a good sign for people who pay for the older treatments out of their own pocket, as competition from new and improved treatments always has the potential to drive costs down.

Alternative ways to save money on Rx drugs

While everyone waits for Viagra to go generic, or for Medicare to change its position on covering ED medications, there is another relatively easy way to cut down on the cost of prescription drugs. eHealth’s free eBestRX Card does provide discounts of up to 65 percent on the cost of prescription drugs.

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Insurance companies and clinical trials

by coelentrate

So entry into a clinical trial costs a 5-digit number of dollars per patient in medical expenses. How willing are medical insurance companies to pay for this? phase 3 trials maybe but what about a phase 1 trial on a drug still highly experimental and with no good efficacy data? will trial phase influence their descision to pay? what about the disease? I'm sure they would be more willing to pay for a cancer drug than an erectile dysfunction drug, right?
question 2 is, are the insurance companies smart enough to realize that if certain drugs in trials now get FDA approval, then the

As we consider our goals for the New Year,

by timebuilder

What is more important to American taxpayers: free Viagra or providing essential food, health care and education for our neediest families? According to our congressional leaders, free Viagra is the priority.
This sounds like a bad joke. It isn't. Congress decided this week to restore Medicare funding for Viagra and other erectile-dysfunction drugs at a cost of $90 million for 2006. To do so, they had to cut other programs, mostly for our country's most vulnerable adults and children.
Rep. Bill Thomas, R-Bakersfield, led the charge in favor of Viagra funding, insisting that Congress keep its promise to the drug industry -- which had expected ED drugs to be reimbursed under Medicare in 2006

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