Drugs for erectile dysfunction (ED)

Counterfeit Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Counterfeit drugs for erectile dysfunction

What are counterfeit ED drugs?

Counterfeit erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs are fraudulent or fake medications marketed and/or sold to treat erectile dysfunction. Like other counterfeit medicines, they may differ from genuine medications in many ways. For example, they may contain a different amount of the active ingredient (the ingredient that functions to relieve ED) compared to the original; they may not contain an active ingredient they claim to; they may contain a different active ingredient; or they may contain no active ingredient at all.

Where do people buy counterfeit ED drugs?

Counterfeit ED medications are heavily marketed on the internet, often for substantially less than the price of the genuine medicine from a pharmacy. A significant proportion of counterfeit medicines seized in association with internet marketing claim to treat ED.

Two thirds of men who purchase ED medications without a prescription do so over the internet, and up to 90% of all counterfeit ED medications are sold over the internet. Conservative estimates suggest that as many 15, 000 websites market medicines to treat erectile dysfunction. These sites receive almost 13 million hits and sell over two million erectile dysfunction tablets each month.

Illegal online ‘pharmacies’ typically provide no physical contact information, often do not provide the name of the pharmacist who supposedly prescribes the medication, and do not require prescriptions to supply prescription-only medicines. A European study reported that 94% of online pharmacy websites surveyed did not name a pharmacist, 90% did not require a prescription and 85% had no physical address.

Who buys counterfeit drugs?

Although limited, evidence suggests that younger men are more likely to purchase medicines online, and thus have a higher risk of purchasing a counterfeit medicine, than their older counterparts. In a European study, 41% of men aged 18–40 years purchased medicines from sources outside the healthcare system (e.g. online), compared to 29% of 41–60 year olds and 15% of those aged ≥ 61 years.

Prescription drugs Counterfeit drugs for erectile dysfunction Counterfeit drugs for erectile dysfunction Counterfeit drugs for erectile dysfunction
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Hypnotherapy for Sexual Dysfunction (ED)?

by Austin911

Looking for feedback from someone who has successfully used hypnotherapy for erectile dysfunction.
▪ Been to the doctor, and there's no organic cause and my testosterone levels are normal.
▪ Been to the eurologist and all my plumbing works fine.
▪ Can't use viagra (and other drugs) because I suffer horrible side effects (serious flushed skin, pounding headaches).
I've been to two psychotherapists, but no success with that.
I'm in Austin, but would be happy to hear from anyone who's had success with hypnosis to resolve any ED problems.

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