Erectile dysfunction drug Staxyn

Staxyn Versus Other Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Buy Legal FDA-approved prescription medications like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Staxyn From AccessRxAs a man ages his risk of erectile dysfunction increases. Statistics show about 50 percent of men over 40 will deal with this medical condition to varying degrees.

Millions of men choose to take a lifestyle medication like Viagra and Cialis to treat erectile dysfunction. While these medications are effective, they don’t work for everyone. Staxyn, a dissolvable pill, is also an option. The FDA approved the drug in 2010.

Staxyn gains popularity

Staxyn is fairly new to the erectile dysfunction market, but it is gaining popularity. Staxyn disintegrates on the tongue without liquid. For some men the fast-acting medication is preferred over Viagra. It comes in discreet packets, not pill bottles, and it can be taken easily.

There are more treatments for ED than just Viagra and Cialis.How Staxyn works

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Staxyn works by increasing blood flow to the penis by relaxing muscles throughout the body. It is placed under the tongue, where it dissolves and acts fast. Since Staxyn is absorbed through the capillary-rich area of skin that resides right under the tongue, the active ingredient goes to work quickly and effectively, hitting the bloodstream much faster than it would through the lining of the stomach.

Alternative options

Staxyn in one of five FDA-approved medications for erectile dysfunction. Viagra and Cialis are the most recognizable and do bring in a healthy profit from the each manufacturer, but they aren’t the only options.

Men who try Viagra or Cialis with little to no results could see better results with Staxyn. As always, any issues you have when taking a medication should be discussed with your doctor.

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I have to believe that since he is asking

by exreg

For a chemical remediation for this problem that he has a physical problem called Erectile Dysfunction. I also have this problem due to the fact that I am diabetic. I have tried Viagra with at best mixed results but have not tried the other drugs because they are cost prohibitive. I too would like an honest answer to Tom333333's question.

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