Erectile dysfunction drugs and alcohol

Can drinking alcohol cause erectile dysfunction?

Surprisingly, one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence may be in that icy mug of beer you are enjoying right now! A common cause of difficulty with erection is overuse of alcohol. Small amounts of alcohol can help us relax and help remove inhibitions, which can help the sexual mood and actually increase sexual activity. Nevertheless, as the amount of alcohol in the blood increases, the alcohol only serves to depress the brain’s ability to sense sexual stimulation.

Higher levels of alcohol depress other actions of the brain including coordination and judgment. As the brain becomes more depressed at higher alcohol levels, more physical and mental activities slow or stop, leading to loss of the ability to have erections.
One or two drinks daily may be safe for most people. However, everyone is different. This is why knowing your body is important, including when to stop drinking before sexual activity. Some experts recommend using alcohol after sexual activity rather than before if you happen to be sensitive to its effect.

With longer and steady use of alcohol, there can be damage to nerves that supply the penis and control erection as well as the development of liver disease and other chronic diseases that make sexual activity and erection more difficult.

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Who knows?

by DrWizard

Could be lots of things. Could be drugs or alcohol. His hormones could be screwed up. He could have erectile dysfunction. (If he has morning erections, or erections in his sleep, then his equipment is working and the cause is psychological). It could be anxiety. It could be a porn thing ---men who see & wank off to porn too much porn often have trouble functioning with a real female. If you were the aggressor, he might react badly, lots of men go limp if a woman is the aggressor, or if they think the woman is more sexually experienced.
How old is he? If he's in his 20s, 30s or 40s, this is not normal

Increase in Sex Drug Sales During Greek Crisis  — Greek Reporter
According to data released by IMS, an electronic platform which keeps records of drug sales, the sales numbers of three drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction have shown a slight increase since troika first arrived.

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