Erectile dysfunction drugs used with hypertension

Can blood pressure medications cause erectile dysfunction?

It is possible that one of your blood pressure drugs is making it more difficult to maintain an erection (erectile dysfunction). But this is a fairly common problem,especially as you get older. Up to 20% of men ages 50 to 59 report the problem. As do 35% of men ages 70 to 75. So your blood pressure pills may not be the reason.

According to a study of men with mild hypertension,most blood pressure medicines do not cause erectile dysfunction. That said,there are some that seem more likely than others to affect sexual function. They include:

  • Hydrochlorothiazide
  • Chlorthalidone
  • Clonindine
  • Spironolactone
  • Methyldopa
If you take any of these,talk with your doctor. Maybe you could make some medication changes since your blood pressure is well controlled.
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Judgements and ignorant rants:
PNP is code for party-&-play. It describes the combination of a drug usage (usually crystal meth or “T” but also includes: cocaine, MDMA (ecstasy, X), ketamine (special K), amyl nitrate (poppers) this is the "party" part.
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Short term side effects of using the drugs can include erectile dysfunction, dehydration, loss of appetite and exhaustion.
Long term use of the drugs can induce paranoia.
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Increase in Sex Drug Sales During Greek Crisis  — Greek Reporter
According to data released by IMS, an electronic platform which keeps records of drug sales, the sales numbers of three drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction have shown a slight increase since troika first arrived.

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