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Erectile Dysfunction Surgery: The Extreme Solution

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What can a man with Erectile Dysfunction, aka ED, do if he can’t take one of the several excellent prescription drugs for ED, and other available ED therapies (vacuum pumps, injections, hormones) don’t work? If all else fails, there are surgical solutions, such as the implantation of a penile prosthesis or, less commonly, vascular (blood vessel) surgery.

Surgery specifically to treat ED has only been commonly accepted for a little over a half-century. Before 1960, ED was considered chiefly a psychiatric disorder, and urological treatments for the condition were rare. These days, thank goodness (or thank research), medical science has a much better understanding of the physiological factors governing a man’s ability or lack of ability to get an erection.

Let’s take a look at the surgical choices available for guys with ED.

Penile prostheses or implants
Penile implants are used not only for patients with Erectile Dysfunction but also for reconstruction of the penis after traumatic injury or cancer surgery. They are also used to construct male genitalia in sex-change operations. Here, of course, we’re going to explore them as a treatment for ED.

The first inflatable penile prostheses were developed in the early 1970s, but even though they became pretty popular as an ED treatment, they had an unacceptable failure rate. Their unreliability necessitated a lot of follow-up surgeries – more pain and expense for countless unfortunate fellows who just wanted a woody. Because of this, some urologists began using simpler and more reliable semi-rigid devices.

Today there are two basic categories of penile implants, or prostheses: those semi-rigid devices that are also sometimes referred to as non-hydraulic; and inflatable, also known as hydraulic. Within each of these two categories there are several different models and, of course, sizes. Here’s the scoop.

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If your penis won't get stiff...

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BEIJING (AFP) - More than 50 percent of Chinese men over 40 suffer from varying degrees of impotence and most delay seeking treatment because they are too embarrassed, according to a nationwide survey.
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The six-month study of 1,000 people in major Chinese cities suggested 52.5 percent of men over 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction to some extent and 90 percent of those afflicted said their sex lives were badly affected.

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