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Hormones and Needles and Pumps, Oh, My! Therapy Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

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No doubt about it, research on Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, therapy has come a long way since a quirky British researcher and physiologist named Giles Brindley dropped his drawers to display his erection during his speech at a 1983 urological convention in Las Vegas. He told the rather stunned audience that he’d achieved the erection by injecting his penis with a non-specific vasodilator, which prompted corporal smooth muscle relaxation, resulting in a boner.

While accounts of the details of Dr. Brindley’s show-and-tell vary among witnesses, all agree that it was quite a surprise. There was a collective gasp from the audience of normally jaded physicians and their presumably not-so-jaded spouses. To prove that the erection was not a prosthesis, Dr. Brindley descended from the stage (some say he “waddled” awkwardly, with his pants still around his ankles), and invited a close-up erection inspection from audience…um…members. But Brindley was no crackpot exhibitionist; his research on vasodilators and the erectile process led the way not only to a legitimate treatment for ED – penile injection – but also to eventual development of oral drug therapies that are specific and safe.

Those oral ED drugs have been truly life-changing for many men (and their partners), but in some instances the medications are either not effective, or there are medical reasons a man cannot take them. But that doesn’t mean any guy with ED should give up – not at all. There are several tried-and-true therapy treatments for ED. We’re going to look at three of them: vacuum therapy, injection therapy, and hormone therapy.

Oh, the pressure! Vacuum devices (penis pumps)
There are several different kinds of penis pumps. Some are mere sex toys (masturbation aids, to be more exact), and some are marketed as permanent penis lengtheners (don’t believe the marketing). But the type of penis pump we’ll talk about here – the kind that is a medically accepted and FDA-approved therapy for Erectile Dysfunction – is technically called a “vacuum constriction device, ” or VCD. It is also referred to as a “vacuum erection device, ” or VED.

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The Journal of Sexual Medicine study showed that some recent war veterans were receiving the erectile-dysfunction medicine without clear medical diagnoses. An analysis of agency data on 4,755 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who sought treatment at a VA clinic in Houston showed a “marked discrepancy” between diagnosed erectile dysfunction and prescriptions of medicine for the disorder, according to the report.
That’s not necessarily a cause for concern, said Drew Helmer, a medical doctor who worked on the research and is director of the VA’s War Related Illness and Injury Study Center in East Orange, N

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