Erectile dysfunction Vacuum products

Erectile Dysfunction Products for Men and Women


Prescription Grade Vacuum Erection Products

Precription grade products are products that are potentially covered by medicare and other insurance coverages. These products require a prescription from a physician.

Augusta Medical

Starting at ($199.95 *)

Timm Medical

Starting at ($249.95 *)


Starting at ($29.95 *)

Stamen Medical

Starting at ($99.95 *)

* This price requires Medicare and Insurance coverages. You must fill out our medicare patient form.

Over The Counter Vacuum Erection Products

Over The Counter grade products are products that are generally not covered by medicare or other insurance coverages and do not require a prescription from a physician.





Osbon ErecAid Automatic System Erec Tech BOS Vitality Osbon ErecAid OTC

Start of a 10 min skit..

by erlichada

Henry: I don’t know what to tell her? I don’t know what to say I don’t …I don’t
Rose: Don’t say anything. Why do you think you have to say something?
Henry: She’s my Mother for Christ’s sake! She’s Seventy Three years old. No ever one’s touched her below the waist in the last thirty five years. Not even her doctor. I know she would tell me if he did.
Rose: And now she’s going to get married.
Henry: Ahhh yes! No! How could she do this? She is so naïve.
Rose: Well she likes him. You gave you’re blessing to all this remember?

The Summer of Rock o los festivales del verano 2014  — El Ibérico Gratuito
Finalmente, los días 26 y 27 de septiembre, tendrá lugar uno de las citas más originales del año en la ciudad de Los Beatles, el Liverpool International Festival of erectile dysfunction medications cialis Psyhedelia, que ofrecerá todo un espectro de ..

Comfortland Restore From Comfortmax
Health and Beauty (Comfortland)
  • Constricting Rings- 4 sized rings for constricting the blood flow
  • Electronically Operated Vacuum Pump - For automated pumping
  • Ergonomically Designed Hand Vacuum Pump - For manual pumping
  • Transparent Vacuum Tube - with soft gasket for comfort
  • Easy to use, Easy to clean, Durable enough for years of continued use.
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