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self-hypnosis for erectile dysfunction Impotence


Many things can cause impotence, but the mind plays a very important part and after learning to control and manipulate your feelings, desires, and physical changes you will soon become a macho alpha male, the best way to cure erectile dysfunction.


The self-hypnosis sessions will help you to control blood flow, for a bigger erection, better concentration and staying power, and produce more oxytocin hormone, and serotonin, for better orgasm. Sex will become more exciting and pleasurable, and for an extra love making boost you will be given a special anchor trigger word. This special word is a cue to your mind to boost more blood flow, better concentration and focus, and become a sexual stud. Any guilt feelings that once hindered your performance will disappear, leaving you free to enjoy the moment. you will experience better sexual interest, better penetration, arousal, and a better lover. During intercourse and foreplay, your self esteem and confidence will be boosted to the levels of a true alpha male, giving more pleasure to the woman.

Larger girth, bigger virile member with self-hypnosis

Ask any bodybuilder what happens to his member when he takes Testosterone or Growth-Hormone. It grows big!

The message to produce more testosterone and growth hormone comes from the brain (pituitary gland)

Taking artificial hormones is dangerous and unhealthy so why not just produce more.

There are many ways to increase hormone production eg. certain foods, amino acids, sport, and self-hypnosis.

The male member is made up of 3 chambers, 2 large ones on top, which is your erectile tissue (Corpora Cavernosa), and 1 smaller chamber on the bottom from which you urinate and ejaculate (Corpus Spongisum).

Don´t be fooled by pumping devices.(harmful and useless) We use a 3 step technique to produce amazing results.

Start of a 10 min skit..

by erlichada

Henry: I don’t know what to tell her? I don’t know what to say I don’t …I don’t
Rose: Don’t say anything. Why do you think you have to say something?
Henry: She’s my Mother for Christ’s sake! She’s Seventy Three years old. No ever one’s touched her below the waist in the last thirty five years. Not even her doctor. I know she would tell me if he did.
Rose: And now she’s going to get married.
Henry: Ahhh yes! No! How could she do this? She is so naïve.
Rose: Well she likes him. You gave you’re blessing to all this remember?

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Finalmente, los días 26 y 27 de septiembre, tendrá lugar uno de las citas más originales del año en la ciudad de Los Beatles, el Liverpool International Festival of erectile dysfunction medications cialis Psyhedelia, que ofrecerá todo un espectro de ..

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