Herbal supplements good for erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Natural Herbal Remedy: Man Up!

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Advice needed

by Get_A_Llfe

I am struggling with figuring out the right place to post this and may cross post between here and the health forum but I think the responses that I will get here may be more helpful.
My fiancé is diabetic and as of late has been suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). We have seen his regular doctor who prescribed Viagra and that has done nothing for him. We have an appointment to see a urologist later this month but my question is this. Until we get in to see the urologist and try to figure out the best solution to help our situation does anyone here have any suggestions? I have purchased various supplements from my local whole foods and GNC that I have researched extensively and have found to be safe for him and those don’t seem to be doing much either

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Natural erectile dysfunction herbal remedy
Natural erectile dysfunction herbal remedy
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