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Depression or stress can be a cause of erectile dysfunction.Doctors agree that it's best to start with the simplest, least invasive treatment first, only moving to more invasive treatments if the initial treatments don't work. Your discussion with the doctor and your medical history may have uncovered medications that should be changed or discontinued or a medical condition that should be treated to help resolve your problem. Lifestyle changes, too, such as cutting back on alcohol intake or smoking, getting at least a minimal amount of exercise, and eating a lowfat diet, are also part of the initial treatment. And psychological counseling is almost always recommended as a good place to start.

Psychological Counseling

Because ED can often result from depression or from a combination of psychological and physical factors, professional counseling is often recommended. Counseling can lessen anxiety, which may in turn reduce the impact and duration of ED. Therapy is often used in combination with other treatments directed by a physician.

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Depression or stress can be a cause of erectile dysfunction.

It can't be stressed enough that psychological issues are present in all forms of ED, even those that are the result of a medical problem. Therefore, psychological counseling and therapy should be a part of every man's treatment. Counseling by itself may be enough for patients with no physical cause for their dysfunction, and it may be the only recourse for men who refuse any medical or surgical treatments.

A therapist should first evaluate whether problems such as dysfunctional relationships or alcohol and drug abuse are the causes or important co-causes of the ED. Counseling is also important in dealing with performance anxiety and other problems a man may have that interfere with sexual stimulation and erections. Professionals will work with couples to educate them regarding normal sexual response and ED so they can cope with sexual problems and help them recognize that with aging there are normal changes that occur in the man. These include delay in obtaining an erection, taking a longer time to ejaculate, not ejaculating every time, and a longer recovery time between erections. Some antidepressant medications may help with premature ejaculation, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved them for this purpose.

The involvement of your sexual partner is paramount. After all, a man can only be considered whole in relation to his entire set of relationships, especially his primary family relationships. Good, constructive therapy should help relieve anxiety and depression and improve your sexual functioning. It should also teach stress reduction and anxiety control and help you recognize the signals of increasing anxiety.

Muscle Toning

Toning muscles serving the portion of the erectile tissue that is inside the body - the ones that become tense to help erections become stronger and that cause ejaculation when they contract - may also be helpful. Although it doesn't usually require a conscious effort on your part to contract these muscles, some researchers in Belgium believe that men might be able to be taught to use and strengthen them, thereby improving the erection. These researchers have developed a set of pelvic floor exercises, much like the Kegel exercises for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles that are often practiced by women, that tense and tone these muscles.

Oral Medications

Oral medications work best in men whose main problem is anxiety or other emotional problems, but it also works in men with physical problems if the erectile tissue has not been severely damaged. In clinical studies, 70 to 80 percent of men with ED obtained good results with oral medications. While the development of on-demand oral medications is a tremendous advance, they won't work for all men, and other treatments will continue to help men with erection problems. Due to the tremendous popularity of Viagra, most of the treatments that were considered first-line therapies have now been pushed back to secondary options used only after Viagra or another oral agent has failed.

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Advice needed

by Get_A_Llfe

I am struggling with figuring out the right place to post this and may cross post between here and the health forum but I think the responses that I will get here may be more helpful.
My fiancé is diabetic and as of late has been suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). We have seen his regular doctor who prescribed Viagra and that has done nothing for him. We have an appointment to see a urologist later this month but my question is this. Until we get in to see the urologist and try to figure out the best solution to help our situation does anyone here have any suggestions? I have purchased various supplements from my local whole foods and GNC that I have researched extensively and have found to be safe for him and those don’t seem to be doing much either

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