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Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

The outlook for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) has improved enormously in the first eight years of this century – so much so that almost all patients nowadays can be assured of a return to successful intercourse.

Many of these males feel that the new treatments for erection difficulty (formerly known as ‘impotence’ or ‘impotency’) have transformed their lives.

What is erectile dysfunction?

First, let’s define the problem. ED means an inability to get a good enough erection to achieve satisfactory intercourse.

Some sufferers can’t get a hard-on at all; others get one but it isn’t firm enough to penetrate the partner; and others can manage penetration for a bit, but then lose it.

Term watch
Many people confuse erectile dysfunction with:

Why does ED occur?

ED is very common, and it occurs for a variety of reasons and at different ages.

Teenagers and young men
In younger males, the most frequent cause is anxiety – particularly nervousness about having sex, about causing a pregnancy, or about using a condom. A lot of men in this age group complain that they ‘can’t get on with a condom’ because as soon as they try to put it on, they lose their ‘stiffy'.

Middle age
Common causes in this age group are overwork, stress, guilt and bereavement (ED often happens when a widowed man tries to form a new sexual relationship). A few cases are due to diabetes.

Post-middle age
In this group of men, ED gets commoner with increasing age. Nonetheless, 70 per cent of all 70-year-olds are sexually potent.

It is now clear that in a very high proportion of cases, the problem is due to deterioration in the blood vessels that carry blood into the penis. Research which was carried out in 2007 suggests that in addition there may often be deterioration in the arteries of the brain or the heart.

In October 2008, leading sex expert Dr Geoffrey Hackett said in the British Medical Journal, ‘Erectile dysfunction is the manifestation of vascular disease in smaller arteries, and can give a two to three year early warning of heart attack.’

Therefore older men with ED should take care to protect themselves against strokes and heart attacks – for example by keeping their blood pressure and cholesterol down.

You may be surprised to see that I have not listed ‘lack of hormones’ as a common cause of ED. In fact, lack of male hormone is pretty rare. However, it can occur particularly after severe injuries to the testicles, or to the base of the brain.

If you are tempted to go to one of the many private clinics that make a habit of diagnosing ‘male hormone deficiency', and then charging huge sums of money for testosterone treatment, I suggest you think twice!

What is an erection?

An erection occurs when blood is pumped into the penis and stays there, making it hard. It generally happens because a guy is thinking about sex, or because his penis is being stimulated - or both.

The result is that signals go down the nerves that lead from his spinal cord to his genitals. They tell the blood vessels which supply the penis to open up. Blood flows in and the organ ‘blows up’ like a balloon. A valve mechanism near the base of the penis keeps the blood from flowing out again – a least, until sex is over.

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Anxiety is a lack of tranquility

by ginkgo

If you do not have enough money, you could take drugs, like alcohol or crack, to feel better and many do. But that does not cure it. The cure is to make more money. If you are depressed, the cure is not to take a drug, like Prozac. The cure is to be happier. If you have panic or anxiety, which everyone feels at one time or another, the cure is not to take drugs. The cure is to feel more tranquility and peace of mind. See site below for more on this.
Kevin Trudeau says in his best selling book, Natural Cures They Do Not Want You to Know About, "All illnesses and diseases are caused by the same things; (1) too many toxins in the body; (2) nutritionally deficiencies; (3) electromagnetic chaos exposure; (4) mental and/or emotional distress

Here ya go:

by oldwivestale

LONDON (Sept. 28) - The sex drive of women plummets sharply as they juggle the increasing demands of partners, children and careers, researchers said on Thursday.
One in 10 women questioned for a survey admitted losing interest in sex for at least six months in the past year.
"The next major problem was the inability to have an orgasm. That was reported by four percent of women," said Dr Catherine Mercer of University College London after a British study was made of over 11,000 men and women aged 16-44.
Married women were shown to be much more likely than single men or women to have sexual problems

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