My depression is causing erectile dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction Caused by Depression or Anxiety

Sexual Dysfunction can often be a symptom of Depression or Anxiety and if it is not managed it can be totally soul destroying.
If any person encounters Impotency for any reason they can then easily fall victim to the additional destructive emotional effects of Depression or Anxiety, that is, if they are not in the grip of it already.

The negative power of Depression and Anxiety brought Impotency into my life without much warning.

My life was already spiralling out of control.

My world was being turned upside down with emotional trauma, and the last thing I needed to experience was an encounter with any form of sexual dysfunction.

If you have started to experience any changes in your ability to develop or maintain an erection, or you, or your partner, notice anything out of the ordinary during foreplay or during sex get yourself to a medical expert straight away.

The cause may be a result of life’s stresses, Depression, Anxiety or it may be from a physical issue.

Whatever the reason is, you must jump on it straight away.

One way or another bad sex can kill your pleasures in life and no sex can lead to even worse developments.

So don’t hide your changing conditions, talk about them.

Experts have filled libraries with many really great books on problems associated with Depression and its causes and effects of Sexual Dysfunction.

Some of the books can be overwhelming and just damn hard reading.

I personally prefer to grab hold of a book that is serious about the problem but deals with it in a light hearted manner.

I found a lot of answers when I started talking about what was happening to me.

I found a Natural Therapist who is trained in Sexual Therapy, its benefits to our mind, the causes and effects of dysfunctional issues.

We used a lot of the Cognitive Therapy disciplines, we would talk at length about what was happening and what was not happening within my thoughts and feelings.

I found talking about my day to day feelings and pressures would reduce a lot of tension and anxiety.

Porned Out: erectile dysfunction, depression, and 7 more (selfish) reasons to quit porn
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^^^ Was a virgin until his 30s & has ERECTILE


Or rather he has a "friend" (ahem!) with it:
What is erectile dysfunction about? < elizabeth344 > 07/15 22:41:50
I knew someone who would suddenly lose his erection for no apparent reason.
I saw it happen once and his girlfriend said it happened a few times with her.
I don't understand what causes it.
Would it be some sort of mental process or is it a physical problem?
He is the only person I've ever seen that had it. He is 35, and does not drink or smoke at all. He takes no drugs.
He lost his virginity at the age of 33

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