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Starts to work Duration Side Effects Alcohol Effective Price
Viagra® 60 minutes 4 hours Moderate No 78%
Cialis® 30 minutes 36 hours Mild Yes 89%
Levitra® 20 minutes 5 hours Very mild 92%

Do you suffer from ED? You are not alone because Erectile Dysfunction, or Impotence, is one of the most common sexual health problems among men. Research shows that 30% of men over 50 suffer from the problem, but the problem is also typical among young men.

Generic Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction

Generic Drugs for ED from Canada have helped millions of men with potency problems regain their erections. These drugs can be used long term by most males and have no severe side effects.

The three commonly used prescription Canadian drugs for ED (click here) Treatment are:Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil), Levitra (vardenafil).

Trial ED Packs

Oral prescription drugs for the treatment of ED belong to the same class of medications. However, they come in different dosages, perform differently, have varying side effects and contraindications, and might not work for everyone.

For example, Viagra may work perfectly in someone else, but that does not necessarily mean it will work for you. Therefore, to determine which drug is best for you personally, you can ask your doctor for help or use a Trial ED Pack.

The Classic Trial ED pack contains Viagra, Cialis and Levitra tablets so that you can check to see which one suits you best. Never let Erectile Dysfunction control your sex life again. Order Generic ED drugs from Canada now and get your self-esteem and potency back tomorrow.

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Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Causes of ED can be either physical (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pelvic injuries, smoking, etc) or psychological. In young men, Erectile Dysfunction is often caused by psychological problems, such as stress, anxiety or sexual performance anxiety.

Today, both young and old males with Erectile Dysfunction can be effectively treated, either with prescription drugs or with counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Bill to Regulate Mens Erectile Dysfunction

by haikuwhore

Wake up CL Cons and Trolls, this applies to you and your frustrated wives....
OH Bill Would Require Men Submit Affidavit From Sex Partner Confirming Impotence B4 Receiving Viagra
An Ohio State Senator is turning the tables on men seeking to regualate women’s access to reproductive health. Sen. Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) has introduced legislation regulating men’s access to erectile dysfunction drugs. The Dayton Daily News has the details:
Before getting a prescription for Viagra or other erectile dysfunction drugs, men would have to see a sex therapist, receive a cardiac stress...


by MsPribyla

The idea, I think, was that MV wasn't going to pity his erectile dysfunction and go out of her way to find him ways to reduce the cost, because it's not as if they're cancer drugs. If he can't afford them, then tough shit. this isn't a communist nation.
Well. The communist nation part was probably not what MV was getting at. That's all me, baby. LOL.
OP did strike me as a bit of a bitchypants. Wah wah I have to go to the doctor to get my prescription medication. And then to top it all off, I have to PAY for it. Ain't that a bitch? Tell me there's another way, kinky people!

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Increase in Sex Drug Sales During Greek Crisis  — Greek Reporter
According to data released by IMS, an electronic platform which keeps records of drug sales, the sales numbers of three drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction have shown a slight increase since troika first arrived.

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