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Looking for a natural cure for impotence? Cut out the meat.

We think of meat as the manliest of foods. Sam Elliot's gravely voice exhorts us to eat it for dinner, everyone praises it for its "muscle-building" protein, but there can be nothing more emasculating.

Meat erodes the two surest signs of virility that we have- our ability to have and sustain an erection and the testosterone levels that fuel our desire. If this were more widely known, I have a feeling that most men would start moving toward a plant-based diet.

Cure For Impotence SmoothieA Cure For Impotence That Addresses the Underlying Problem

The penis is basically a hydraulic system. Blood needs to reach it so it can enlarge. The vast majority of cases in which it can't aren't due to stress or other mental issues; it's a simple problem that any engineer would be familiar with.

The cause of impotence is the build up of fat in and the degradation of the arterial system that supplies the penis with blood (1). When the arteries are too clogged to carry blood, you won't get a solid erection. So if you're having problems getting it up, you can bet that it's becuase you've been hitting up the meat, dairy, and eggs, the primary causes of fatty deposits in our arteries.

During a man's reproductive years, regular meat eating will lower sperm count, shorten sperm life, decrease ejaculate volume, and cause infertility (2). All of these problems are largely absent in those who abstain from meat, dairy and eggs (3).

The same arterial system that's too clogged to send blood to the penis is also slowly but surely becoming too clogged to send blood to the brain and heart.

According to a JAMA study, 45 percent of those who have erectile dysfunction end up having a stroke or heart attack (4).

Why is this happening? Erectile dysfunction is usually seen in men with high cholesterol levels (6) and high levels of LDL “bad” cholesterol (9). Both of those conditions are brought on by regular meat consumption. You eat the fatty stuff, it layers your arteries, and blood flow is decreased. Simple as that.

I should mention that the humble banana as well as all other fruits and vegetables have no cholesterol.

The Government Is Spending A Ton On Penis Pumps!

by david46208

Word on the street according to the Huffington post politics article is that our government via Medicaid is wasting money on trying to get old men's privates to keep moving. Lord have mercy this is statism at play. Here is an excerpt:
Penis pumps cost the U.S. government's Medicare program $172 million between 2006 and 2011, about twice as much as the consumer would have paid at the retail level, according to a government watchdog's report released on Monday.
The report by the inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services said Medicare, the government health insurance system for seniors, paid nearly 474,000 claims for vacuum erection systems, or VES, totaling about $172

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