Peripheral artery blockage cause erectile dysfunction

Peripheral Arterial Disease Causes And Symptoms

Peripheral Artery DiseasePeripheral arterial disease involves narrowing or blocked arteries, resulting in diminished blood flow to the lower and upper limbs. During walking or physical activity, muscles do not receive enough blood and painful leg cramps occur.

Peripheral Arterial Disease Causes

The most common cause is the accumulation of plaque inside arteries, plaques are made of extra cholesterol, calcium and other blood materials. Over time, the plaques build up inside arteries, including those that supply blood to the legs. If plaque builds up in arteries, blood flow will be obstructed and the flow will be reduced. Each part of a person’s body needs oxygen-rich blood and plaques prevents blood supply to the muscles and other tissues located in the lower body. The process of formation and concentration of plaque occurs simultaneously throughout the body and the main result is the hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). Obstruction of blood supply will not only manifest in the legs but also in the heart and brain, increasing the chances of developing a heart attack or stroke.

Plaque builds gradually during life and often symptoms do not appear until the age of 65. High cholesterol, hypertension, smoking are risk factors for atherosclerosis and peripheral arterial disease. The good news is that the disease can be treated.

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