Psychological morning erections Erectile dysfunction --- Impotence

Diagnosis of Impotence / Erectile Dysfunction

1-Morning erection / nocturnal erection:

Presence of normal morning erection is a sign that impotence is psychogenic rather than organic.

To explain this, during sleep, one is relieved of psychological stress that prevents erection in day time, but is not present to prevent erection that normally occurs at sleep. On the contrary, if there is an organic cause to impotence, erection will occur neither in day time nor at sleep.

Inquiring about morning erection may not always meet an accurate answer. The method for objective evaluation of the nocturnal erection: the rigiscan (see later).

2-Inquiring about causes and predisposing factors for impotence: Canadian pharmacy viagra

Some data can help diagnosing the cause of impotence such as the presence of psychological stress, symptoms suggestive of hypertension (headache, bleeding nose, drowsiness), symptoms suggestive of diabetes (frequent urination, frequent thirst and hunger, family history of diabetes)..etc

3-Clinical Examination:

Examination can point to signs of hormonal imbalance, abnormal development of the genitalia and local diseases of the penis such as fibrosis..etc.


In case there is high suspicion of organic impotence or there is failure of response to treatment, investigations are necessary:

It is one of the most important lab analyses in cases of impotence and is considered routine in many practices. It points out to the presence of diabetes which is one of the most common causes of impotence.
A blood sample is taken after 8 hours of fasting (no eating or drinking sugary fluids), then another sample is taken 2 hours after eating.

Glucose (sugar) concentration in tissues is particularly important and should be normalized before surgery in cases of severe impotence. It is again measured by a blood sample.

Hormone Analysis:

This is particularly important in older patients where there is natural decline in testosterone levels, or in those with signs of hormone imbalance such as lack of body hair (though not a conclusive sign).
A blood sample is taken in day time, early morning (9-11AM) to take the biological clock and the normal hormone level fluctuations into consideration. Testosterone and prolactin are measured. Testosterone is measured in terms of free testosterone and total testosterone.

This is injection of chemicals that induce erection directly into the penis. These chemicals are either vasodilators or muscle relaxants.

In normal subjects, ICI should result in a rigid erection that starts in 5 minutes time and lasts for at least 30 minutes. Cialis online Australia

In subjects with organic impotence, erection may not occur at all, or may be less than the minimum encountered in normal subjects.

Erection is graded on a scale from E0 to E5, where E5 is the normal rigid erection that persists for 30 minutes.

The Government Is Spending A Ton On Penis Pumps!

by david46208

Word on the street according to the Huffington post politics article is that our government via Medicaid is wasting money on trying to get old men's privates to keep moving. Lord have mercy this is statism at play. Here is an excerpt:
Penis pumps cost the U.S. government's Medicare program $172 million between 2006 and 2011, about twice as much as the consumer would have paid at the retail level, according to a government watchdog's report released on Monday.
The report by the inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services said Medicare, the government health insurance system for seniors, paid nearly 474,000 claims for vacuum erection systems, or VES, totaling about $172

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