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Treating erectile dysfunction is incredibly difficult, especially for men who are wary of pharmaceutical drugs that create a myriad of potentially deadly side effects. There are lots of natural and herbal supplements on the market, but most of them don’t work at all. ViSwiss is one product that we have seen in many online stores, and it is one that we keep coming across. With Viswiss, the makers claim that you can get hard in less than twenty minutes and that, even more impressively, you can stay hard as long as you want. So we decided to see if these claims were true.

How It Works and Ingredients

Male enhancement products make all sorts of claims, so that doesn’t mean that we should believe all that we hear, so we approached this supplement with a bit of skepticism. ViSwiss claims to work in minutes and to be totally herbal and safe, so we looked at the ingredients. The company has a great website with a lot of information about the science used to create the product. The ingredients include Yohimbe, which helps to treat impotence and to increase blood flow to the penis, as well as Epimedium, which helps increase libido and sexual function.home-vigrx The list of herbs is comprehensive, and the company even lists the amount of each herb in the product, which is certainly rare.

Where To Buy

We found that the company website also made it easy to order and was very clear on pricing- another rare trait. The product costs $60 a bottle with prices decreasing for larger quantities. A bottle offers a one month supply.

User Reviews

In terms of reviews for this product, the response is overwhelmingly positive. Phrases like “It really works!” are quite common, and many people go so far as to say things like “it has changed my life”. Overall, ViSwiss is simply met with more than favorable reviews from virtually everyone who tries it.


As to whether or not we recommend ViSwiss, we have to say yes. The product reviews are excellent, and more importantly, there is sound medical science to back up every single ingredient. The product is safe and decidedly low on filler ingredients while also proving quite effective. For men facing erectile dysfunction and looking to get fast, instant, and lasting erections, we certainly recommend ViSwiss, as it appears to be one of the safest, best, and most effective male enhancement supplements on the market.

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Advice needed

by Get_A_Llfe

I am struggling with figuring out the right place to post this and may cross post between here and the health forum but I think the responses that I will get here may be more helpful.
My fiancé is diabetic and as of late has been suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). We have seen his regular doctor who prescribed Viagra and that has done nothing for him. We have an appointment to see a urologist later this month but my question is this. Until we get in to see the urologist and try to figure out the best solution to help our situation does anyone here have any suggestions? I have purchased various supplements from my local whole foods and GNC that I have researched extensively and have found to be safe for him and those don’t seem to be doing much either

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