Things that causes erectile dysfunction

6 Things That Can Cause Erection Problems

man smiling, portraitErection problems are no new phenomenon. Men of all ages have experienced difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection from time immemorial. What’s new is the understanding of potential causes, and how to treat them.

Narrowing down the source of erection difficulties isn’t a matter of one or two possibilities. There are many potential culprits, and some of them are more common in the presence of others. So you may have one issue that causes or is related another, both of which contribute to erection issues.

Some risk factors are obvious once you think about how they can affect the body as a whole. Some of them are not so obvious, and only beginning to be understood by the scientific community.

man juggling orangesWith this list of 6 common causes of erection problems, you may gain a little insight that helps set you on the path toward better, healthier erections.

Cycling Too Much Stresses Nerves and Vessels

Of course, exercise is great. But it’s not so great when the very thing you’re doing to improve overall health damages your ability to achieve or maintain an erection.

The problem with bike riding is the pressure that’s put on sensitive nerves and blood vessels, says Mayo Clinic . These are the same nerves and blood vessels that supply the penis.Buy Viagra Legal FDA-approved prescription medication for Erectile Dysfunction From eDrugstore.MD When you sit on a typical bike seat for long periods of time, and especially if this is a frequent activity, you may experience problems.

Newer styled bike seats are designed to alleviate the pressure on those nerves and vessels. Some seats are shaped like a U, and others are larger than a traditional seat, allowing body weight to be more broadly distributed.

Another option is cutting back on cycling as often, and switching to another activity such as running to balance out your exercise regimen.

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^^^ Was a virgin until his 30s & has ERECTILE


Or rather he has a "friend" (ahem!) with it:
What is erectile dysfunction about? < elizabeth344 > 07/15 22:41:50
I knew someone who would suddenly lose his erection for no apparent reason.
I saw it happen once and his girlfriend said it happened a few times with her.
I don't understand what causes it.
Would it be some sort of mental process or is it a physical problem?
He is the only person I've ever seen that had it. He is 35, and does not drink or smoke at all. He takes no drugs.
He lost his virginity at the age of 33

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